Poached Salmon a la Parisienne with saffron sauce

Poached Salmon a la Parisienne with saffron sauce

150g portion £9.20

A French classic to enjoy with a salad for a light lunch or a more sophisticated dinner.

Cold Scottish salmon Poached with Chaud Froid of Leek and fennel.

Delivered in a Disposable Packaging

For food ready to serve on presentation trays , Please contact us,VAT will be applied on this service.


For a more personal touch, try our Private Party Service.


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  • Direct delivery to your door
  • Service available Monday to Saturdays
  • 48hrs-72hrs notice required
  • Minimum order £95.00 (free delivery)

How to Serve

  • Store in a refrigerator and consume in the next 2 days.
  • Deliver in a disposable box


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